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Play classic albums or compilation discs with a built-in CD/DVD player. This Hi-Fi is compatible with CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD, DVD-R, and DVD-RW discs – so you can enjoy everything from studio recordi

Digital Sound Processing

Activate the Mega Bass sound setting to give your favourite tunes a bass boost. By utilising Digital Signal Processing technologies, Mega Bass is able to efficiently enhance low frequency tones to de




Play and charge with ease. With a USB port, you’ll be able to plug in a USB, smartphone, tablet or laptop and listen to your entire music collection. No power? No problem. You can also charge your


Based on radio waves, Bluetooth technology allows you to make a quick, short-range wireless connection that won’t be interrupted by objects in the signal path. Once paired, you’re free to stream

Analogue Tuner

Want to hear your favourite DJs? Simply tune in using the FM radio dial and see what’s out there. 


Compact Hi-Fi with a built-in CD/DVD Player – Wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth Technology, “One-touch connection” with NFC, Enjoy various music sources “DVD, CD, USB, FM” from compact 3 box system, Total output power 25W + 25W, Headphone Jack