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Driving is always more fun when you've got your favourite music pumping. A 1000W high power amplifier delivers cleaner sound to the speakers for enhanced listening.

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1000W high power output/70W x 4 (4 ohms), 85W x 4 (2 ohms), 175W x 2 (BTL)

Design and Material

The amp’s design maximises air circulation within the unit, allowing it to remain cool while reproducing stable, powerful sound that’s free from distortion.

Thermal Control

High temperatures can have a negative effect on amplifier components, often causing the amp to shut down until it returns to a cooler temperature. Automatic Thermal Control lowers the amp’s output, so you won’t ever need to worry about the amp suddenly cutting out.


You deserve to hear your favourite tracks reproduced in outstanding sound quality. The Stereo Power Amplifier utilises high-quality audio capacitors, output transistors, and choke coils to ensure true, reliable sound reproduction


4 Channel stereo amplifier, 250W x 4 max. output, 170W x 4 / 500W x 2 max. output, 85W x 4 RMS output, 70W x 4 / 175W x 2 RMS output, 5Hz-50KHz frequency response, High pass filter / Low pass filter, Automatic thermal control.